Paul Scott

Cumbria, England

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"Fulton's Steamboat", unattributed Staffordshire blue transferware, ca. 1825

Fracked No. 1, Paul Scott

Fracked No. 1 (verso), Paul Scott

Paul Scott


Alturas Foundation is proud to support Paul Scott as its current Artist in Residence with a multi-year grant to pursue his American Scenery project.

In the early nineteenth century, blue and white ceramic “transferware” was imported into North America from England in great quantity.  Using appropriated prints from book and magazine illustration, transferware was one of the major innovative “new media” practices of the era and celebrated the newly independent and developing United States with scenes of industrial, cultural and historic significance.  With American Scenery, Mr. Scott intends to reanimate this historic media to create a significant and meaningful body of new artwork which will reflect and comment on contemporary America.

Paul Scott, is a material-based conceptual artist, and creates ceramic artwork that blurs the boundaries between art, craft, and design. His artwork explores the unexpected movement of images through materials, media, cultures, politics, histories, and geographies, and invites us to see these objects in a new way.  Scott is an authority on printed vitreous surfaces, and the author of Ceramics in Print, and Horizon: Transferware and Contemporary Ceramics, co-edited with Knut Astrup Bull.